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From u/amazingkace Tales From Retail:

Our AC is controlled by our corporate offices... that are on the other side of the country.Also, the medicine I take for my anxiety and depression issues makes me more susceptible to overheating.

Yesterday I was working a 7 hour shift on POS at my store (known for our famous in-store "cash" we give out.) The heat was becoming overwhelming. I usually have a nice pace with my customers: rewards, credit, cash, circle, repeat. As the time passed I started to feel myself slow down significantly.

Not a good sign.

I already had a plug-in fan at my register and turned it all the way up hoping it would help. The girl at the next register saw my wobbliness and began to fan me with an extra crew sheet she had. Customers began to comment on how sickly and slow I was.

Everything seemed to start swaying in slow motion. Then, it happened.

I looked over at the girl who had been trying to help me. I looked her dead in the eyes and said: "I'm going to pass out now." Then BAM my head fell on my desk and my legs slid out from under me.

Thankfully the customer was kind and tried to get me help. My co-workers all called for managers to help me.

I was escorted to the breakroom by one of my managers who gripped tightly to my shoulder so I wouldn't fall because my legs were so weak and shaky. My mom had to pick me up from work and my dad had to go and get my car later while I laid in my bed, without covers, under my ceiling fan.

I came in today and... my boss told me that corporate still won't turn out air conditioning on.

An associate passed out. Me. And they still won't let us use the AC.

Disappointed, but not surprised.








Always see a doctor if something like this happens, at work. Work places respond to official paperwork they have to deal with for the government or liability insurance, more than than things that have no documentation being looked at.


This person had heat exhaustion that went onto heat stroke because of the conditions where they worked.

Misty Meanor

That's gotta be illegal.


Misty & Jofur, I agree heat ailments should be taken seriously! Former president Andrew Jackson's older brother, Hugh died of heat stroke at age 16 when he went off to fight a battle.


Misty, you would think, and I'll be honest I don't know anything about workplace laws about A/C, but I'm from Texas and the weirdest thing I've come across is the fact that A/C is not a requirement for property to be rented. Heat and hot water is a requirement, but not A/C.

We had a high of 91 yesterday, with 100% humidity, which means there were times it felt like it was 115, but A/C is not required by law.

Also, fans only help if you're sweating. Fans don't cool the air, they just move it around. You need sweat to evaporate to cause the cooling. I'm not 100% on the science, but taking care of myself in the heat is something I've had to become proficient at.


Fans don't help if you're sweating but the air is literally holding as much moisture as it possibly can... it doesn't evaporate, so it has no cooling effect, you're just covered in hot water.

Hi from Florida, where 98 degrees and 100% humidity is common... I've seen puddles boiling on freshly sealed (thus extremely black) blacktop, with the steam hanging over them because it had nowhere to go...

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