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From u/Evee_Rey24 Tales From Retail:

This happened last week. I was co-manager with my peer (we will call him Buddy) and we start to do a lap around the store to make sure the team is doing alright and see what needs to get done before we leave. As we start our walk, this older lady is about to pass so I ask her:

Me: Hello, are you finding everything okay?

Lady: (Angrily) No, I’m not.

Me; Okay what are you looking for so we can help you find it?

Lady: You can’t help me, I’ve already checked and you don’t have it.

Me: What is the item?

Buddy: If you tell us what item it is we can see if maybe it’s in the back room since you didn’t see it on the floor.

Lady: Don’t bother, I know you don’t have it cause I checked, I went to the aisle your employee told me to go and it was not there.

Me: What’s the item?

Lady: Waxed Paper

Me: Wax Paper?

Lady: Wax-ED PAPER

Buddy: Right, Wax Paper

Lady: WAXED PAPER. You use it to wrap food like sandwiches. NOT parchment paper. WAXED PAPER. You’re too young to know what it is.

Me: (Vgkjfdyhcfhnbg searching in our store device, typed in wax paper, says we have 29 on the floor in the aisle) Okay it says we have some so if you want to follow me we can go and look for it together. (I have been smiling and have been super nice through this whole interaction)

Lady: No, I already looked and you don’t have it so feel free to go check out what I already know for yourself and I’ll be in the ice cream if you need me. (she proceeds to walk away)

I look at buddy and smile we walk over to the aisle where it said they would be and I kid you not, right NEXT to the parchment paper.... on the TOP shelf are at least 20 containers on WAX paper.

Me: Hmmm how many do you think she needs????

Buddy: One, just grab one..

Me: I think she needs all 20 of them!!! What do you think?

Buddy: (laughs) oh god no just get one

Me: (grabs 3 of them and finds lady) Hello, I wasn’t sure how many you needed so I grabbed three just in case (I’m smiling from ear to ear)

Lady: (looks up from her phone and see’s the wax paper in my hands) oh my goodness where did you find those???!

Me: In the aisle. They were on the top shelf next to the parchment paper so that could have been why you missed them (cause you didn’t f’n look above your eye line)

Lady: oh gosh you must be feeling pretty good right now, making me eat my words.

She takes two of the wax paper containers and I end up accidentally running into her a couple more times throughout the night. Each time her face got super red. It was a good night.









"oh gosh you must be feeling pretty good right now, making me eat my words."

You don't have to eat them right now, you've got some WAX PAPER to wrap them in and take them home, so you can savor them later.


She was partially correct, it is paper that has been waxed, not paper made completely of wax so it is waxed paper. :-)


The way most of the people around here pronounce it, including me, 'waxed' is one syllable, and very nearly indistinguishable from 'wax'More like 'waxt'.


What's weird is that it technnically is waxed paper, since the paper has a very think coating of wax on it - but - the roll I have at home says "Wax Paper" on the box. So, both are correct.

It's funny how customers think that just because you don't use something, you don't know what it is. I used to experience that all the time. Hey - if you stock it, you what what it is and where it is.

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