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From u/kahleesky Tales From Retail:

Have you ever witnessed an adult have a temper tantrum before? Its been a while since I’ve worked retail and I’ve since forgotten how miserable and downright childish some customers can be.

Today was my first day starting my new job at a local hot food deli. Its crazy busy and and I’m doing my best to grab what people want and ring them up while still learning the basics. The rush is finally dying down when an older man storms up to the counter and grabs my attention. He glares at me and demands to know why there isn’t any ranch by the salad bar.

I tell him I’ll double check our stock and see if there’s any hiding around. As it turns out, we are completely out of ranch dressing. I tell him as such, and much to my horror he stomps his foot and hurls his bag of chicken over the counter at me. It happens so fast that I simply don’t react.

I exchange glances with a nearby customer to see that she is mirroring my wtf just happened face. What's worse is when I mention it to my coworker he says that he’s done that before the last time we ran out of ranch.








Heh. My reflexes are such that if someone throws something at me, I unconsciously field it and throw it back. If they're lucky, I catch it in time to turn it from 'throw to kill' to 'center mass'.

Misty Meanor

I've seen adult tantrums, and they are not pretty.


This has been in my head all day because of this post, so enjoy.
Chick-Chick-Chicken Ranch
At least It Dolly singing in my head.

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