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From u/clairewil, Tales From Retail:

I’m a manager at a popular fast fashion retailer, and boy do I have some stories for this sub. I get awful customers on the daily, so expect many more posts from me.

Today’s highlight: we offer discounted parking if customers spend over $20, but the vouchers are only valid for the undercover parking lots on either side of the shopping centre, not for outdoor parking lots or street parking. A lady came in, brandishing her receipt, and demanded a parking voucher. I asked her which parking lot she was in, and she told me she’d parked on the street. When I explained to her that the offer was only valid for the undercover lots, she waved me off and told me to give her the voucher anyway. I shrugged, handed over the voucher, and kept serving people.

Ten minutes later, parking lady is back, waving her voucher and screeching that it didn’t work in the street parking machine. I explained, once again, that the vouchers were only valid for undercover parking, and that the street was in fact council jurisdiction and nothing to do with the centre. Parking lady then comes out with the best line of the day:


She scrunched up the voucher, threw it on the ground, and stormed out. I had to hold in laughter for a good five minutes after she left.








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