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From u/Firefly26, Tales From Retail:

I had a lady stop in my shop the other day with two frames that she wanted mirror cut for:

Me: I can do that for you. Can I just get your name & a phone number to reach you at when it's finished?

Her: gives me this confused look Oh, well, I've been here before. Am I not in your system?

M: I don't recognize her, so she's not a 'regular' customer Sure, if you've been here before I should have your info somewhere, but I still need to ask so I know who you are and can pull that info up and make sure that it's up to date.

H: Huh. I've definitely been here before, so I should be in your system.

M: internally notes that she still hasn't given me her name Right, but I still need your name & number so I can confirm who I'm doing the work for and who to bill it to.

H: still has a mildly perplexed look on her face Oh yeah, sure. I'm BlahBlah & my number is 555-5555. I mean.... I've been here before so I should be in your system.

M: ignoring the last part Okay, thanks BlahBlah. It might take a couple days, but I'll call you at that number when I have it done.

She thanked me and left, and I had to chuckle at the idea that since she's 'been here before', I should remember who she is without asking her name.











Hodge Elmwood

All customers like to think they're your ONLY customer, and/or that they're so memorable you will know them on sight...even if you've never seen them before.

A co-worker of mine once had a phone customer get really pissy with her because my CW didn't recognize the customer's voice. From then on she was very nasty whenever CW had to speak with her. This was a grown woman being snotty because someone didn't recognize her voice over the phone.


Generally, if I DO recognize someone's voice, it's a bad thing. If I'm hearing you often enough that my notoriously poor memory knows who you are, it's generally because you're a gigantic asshole...


It takes ALOT to make you memorable to me. I have, maybe a handful of customers I can recognize without running their plates through our system. Luckily these people made an impression by being awesome instead of awful.

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