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From  u/PmButtPics4ADrawin, Tales From Retail:

Was on register a while ago when I had what started out as a typical transaction. Woman came up, I greeted her, asked if she had a loyalty card and she simply said yes. She was still putting her stuff on the conveyor belt so I figured she'd give it to me after she was done. This is pretty common so I didn't think much of it and started scanning her things, promptly forgetting about the card.

Got to the end of her order and she had a question about a sale that didn't come off, at which point I remembered I still hadn't gotten her loyalty card. I asked for it, thinking she forgot.

Me: Oh, can I see your [store] card? I don't think I scanned it

Woman: I already gave it to you

uh... nope

Me: Sorry, I don't think I ever got it

W: Yes you did! You asked for it and I gave it to you!

Me: I did ask for it but you never gave it to me

W: I did give it to you, and I'd really like it back please

I look around the register, under papers etc, and confirm that I definitely don't have it.

Me: I don't have it over here...

W: Well I don't have it either, it's not in my wallet where I keep it! I gave it to you and I'd like my card back!

This goes back and forth for a few minutes. Eventually I get it out of her that she put her card on the conveyor belt, something she never mentioned until this point. The way our conveyor belt works is there's a thin slit where it leads in, and underneath that slot is a tray we can pull out for when thin items get sucked into it. I pull it out and lo and behold, there is her loyalty card. I scan it and hand it back to her, saying:

In the future just hand us your card. If you put it on the belt and we don't know about it, it can get sucked in.

and she just nodded silently.









I also hate people who feel the need to look through their wallet/purse by dumping it out on the conveyor (more room then using the little table near the card reader?)

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