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Carolanne 046

From u/ferriswheelies, Tales From Retail:

I'm working behind the counter of a self-serve frozen yogurt store, minding my business, not even questioning the true contents of a Reese's Cup, when a guy walks in. This man is about to completely fuck up the way I look at Reese's Cups forever.

He gets to the cold bar, where we keep our fruits and chocolates, when he spots the box labeled "Reese's Cups". He kinda pauses for a second, like he's confused, as he sort of prods the container with the tongs. Then he looks at me and straight faced tells me:

"These aren't Reese's Cups".

I laugh, thinking he's joking. I tell them they definitely are.

"No- they're Peanut Butter Cups."

I go completely silent. Legitimately, I'm like dumbstruck confused. He says it's okay, I clearly didn't know, but I'm pretty sure it's not okay because literally what is the fucking difference? How did he know? Why does he think these aren't Reese's Cups? Is this guy some kinda Peanut Butter Cup sage that deconstructed the chemical properties of our 'peanut butter cups' with his mind?

I quietly ring him up and he leaves shortly after. I never see this guy again. Nobody ever bothers me about the difference between a Reese's Cup and a Peanut Butter Cup again. I ask my boss if we have Reese's Cups or 'Peanut Butter Cups' and she has no clue what I'm even talking about. I tell her this story and she's even more confused.

For the record, yes, they were Reese's Cups. I don't think they were Eggs or off brand because I remember unwrapping and cutting them that morning. My boss even confirmed they were Reese's Cups. Like there's obviously a branding difference in Reese's and whatever isn't, but I have no clue what constitutes a noticeable difference.

This legitimately still bothers me sometimes.








Yes there is a difference. Reeses are a specific brand with their specific flavor. Some people have less acute taste buds than others.

Misty Meanor

Sometimes I think customers do this on purpose.


The peanut butter in Reeses tastes better than generic peanut butter cups.


They might have been a bit stale? Most off brands are lighter coloered pB and more crumbly than Resses. Maybe the lighting ing the shop threw him off. Or maybe he just assumed they were generic, and tbat you all didn't know the difference between generic cups and name brand.


Reeses makes sugar free small ones that are almost as good as the normal ones. Annoying that they only come in 'small', though, you get too much chocolate.

Burly Goontar

Did OP unwrap Reese's packages, or unmarked packages?


If the product came in labled Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, then that's what they would be, since the Reese's is the brand name. If your store uses a different or generic kind of peanut butter cups, then the man would be correct calling them peanut butter cups. Right?

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