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From u/Gouken5256, Tales From Retail:

I just argued with a customer... when I was wrong. I work at as a store manager at a place where everything is a dollar. I was in my office with someone and a knock comes and my associate asks where "arctic ice" is. I think for a moment and think it is an ice pack. They are just looking for the brand. Is what I thought. Let the associate know where it is and continue with the person I am meeting with. Another knock comes on my door and the my associate says the customer is requesting me.... ok I am in the middle of something but whatever. Me and the person in my office leave and there is an old man. I ask how can I help you. He says

"How long have you been a manager!"

"About a year and a half"

"then you should know your f**ing store. I am looking for arctic ice!"

"Is what my associate not what your looking for?" "No! I want arctic ice!"

"Ok, what is it used for? What is arctic ice?"

"It comes in a blue jar and is like a gel!"

"Is it sort of like a vapo rub?"

"No! It's arctic ice! It is in a blue jar and it is a gel!"

I begin to think that this is the vapo rub stuff and he is just to stupid to realize he is being stupid. So I say "I think I know what your talking about" and I take him to the vapo rubs. As I saw a blue jar that said cold rub I thought this was it.

"Is this it sir?"

"No! God! You don't even know your store! It is arctic ice!" And he looks to his side and sure enough there was the arctic ice.

"This! This is what I was looking for! You should do better at your job and know where things are!"

Now comes the thing I regret. I am tired... I am so done.... I just wanna curl up and give up, and when he said that I lost it. I said

"sir! There is over 200,000 items in this store, I can not possibly know where everything is!"

"Then your bad at your job! You should know!"

"No! There are 200,000 items here! Can you name 200,000 items off the top of your head?"

"No! But it is not my job to. It is yours!"

"And you're right! But I wish you would treat me with just a little respect"

"I am, you're just not doing your job!"

I walked off. I could not handle it and needed to cool off. So I just left him there.












Arctic Ice the blue gel is over by the ice chests. You know what I mean, if you every bought freezable ice packs. I would think of that before the mentholated rub junk. I souldn't say rub junk, because that's the last place you want to get it.


Yeah, but it's the monkey's fault for not being able to articulate. "Freezer pack", "Cold pack", "You know, then things you put in a cooler to keep it cold" would have gotten him what he wanted...


Reading this I thought the guy wanted the Arctic Ice mentholated rub. Not the cooler packs I would have thought of first.

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