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From u/SnowFaerie Tales From Retail:

I work in a Canadian bookstore.

A couple months ago, an elderly woman and her adult son came into our store. The elderly woman asked me to help her find a book on writing a will. Now, this woman must've been 90 or so. She knew her time was coming and was getting ready for it. At this point, I didn't know her son was with her as he was browsing a different section.

It takes nearly 20 minutes to find this book because we have only one in stock and our reference section looks like a tornado went through it. But I finally found it right as her son came up. I helped him find a book about coping when a loved one has cancer. I figured his mother had cancer and the whole thing absolutely broke my heart.

Shortly before my break today, the elderly woman comes into the store. She's returning the book about writing wills. She'd bought it for her son. He'd never got the chance to use it.

She remembered me and thanked me several times for working so hard to help them. Even though our return period is 14 days, I returned the book for her. She told me she wouldn't need it because he was the only person in her life and she didn't really have any possessions.

My manager let me go for my break early because I couldn't stop crying.

I hate my job and I hate 99% of customers, but there's that 1% that I desperately want to help.











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