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Hellspawn N.A.T. Nightmare: I Got Called Racist for Calling a Manager on a Shoplifter



From LilythKitten:

I recently (within the last few months) got trained for another new position at work, this time as basically a supervisor for the front end. I run around all day doing price checks, fixing problems with coupons, and make sure everything at all the registers is running smoothly.

I was working the "closing" shift. My store is open 24 hours but the last front end coordinator as my company likes to call us, leaves at 11 pm. It was around 9:00 and I was down to just one cashier, the girl who covers nights. I was stocking the candy at the registers when I heard a group of kids come running into my store, yelling and laughing and just being rambunctious kids.

The oldest one of them appear to be about 10 years old and there didn't appear to be a parent with them. This immediately caught my attention because seeing a group of kids by themselves in my store is weird enough, but seeing a group of kids alone after dark is pretty much unheard of.

They were hovering near our small trio of fireworks displays that we had set up for the 4th of July. It's mostly just sparklers and small fountains, but obviously we can't sell anything in the fireworks family to children. I kept and eye on them as they ran back and forth between the displays and told my night cashier to keep an eye on them too.

After a few minutes they began walking up the aisle we keep potato chips in, now carrying several items from the displays in their hands. My night cashier's register sits at the end of this aisle so she had a clear view of them walking down towards the chips. She saw the kids stop about halfway down the aisle and start stuffing the fireworks they had in backpacks and immediately she called a manager.

Unfortunately, as soon as the kids heard her page the manager on our PA system, they ran for the door. I tried to stop them before they made it outside but well I'm not in the habit of tackling children and I have joint problems due to being sick as a kid so ultimately they managed to escape with their explosive bounty.

As I was walking back to the front the customer who my cashier had been ringing up when this whole situation went down stopped me. Oh boy here we go. I'll be me and customer will be C.

C: I am absolutely disgusted by the racism displayed in your store tonight! You were only watching those kids so closely because they were African American!
Me: Um, no actually I thought it was weird that there was a group of young children in my store alone. I originally started keeping eye on them to see if they had a parent with them.
C: Don't make excuses for your appalling behavior! I can't believe this store would employ someone like you! Those kids probably only took off like that because you scared them.
Me: *stares at the customer absolutely dumbfounded* Sir, those kids ran out of here with a backpack full of fireworks, an item that is illegal to sell to minors. I really don't think my actions are the reason they chose to shoplift. 
At this point the customer just rolled his eyes at me and walked out. I found the night manager and warned him that he might get a phone call about me later, and then went back to my normal closing duties which mostly involved cleaning registers. I also spoke to my lot attendant later and found the kids had also trampled several of the flower beds in the parking lot with their bikes and were racing each other around the lot on our handicap electric carts before they came inside... Parents, please don't let your children wander into my store alone at night and cause problems for me and my staff. 








It's for kids like these that the term junkyard dog came into being. Yes I know someone that always had a junkyard dog patrolling the autos behind the garage business. He could get your part or auto. Thieves no go.

Hodge Elmwood

Where I live it's not at all unusual for kids of that age and younger to be out running around even later than 10 pm, black, white, or any ethnicity. People around here treat 2 am the same as 2 pm.

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