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From u/fontinuos, Tales From Retail:

So there is this young guy buying a bag of Doritos and some wine, the lady ringing him up asks for ID, the conversation go like this, the guy will be “Him” and the lady “Her”.

“Her” : can I see your ID please.

“Him” : I don´t have it with me.

“Her” : any other document you can show me? I just need to check your age.

“Him” : I left it all at home.

“Her” : I´m sorry, but I need some kind of identification in order to sell you this.

The guy stops a bit, and goes like:

“Him” : dude….. check out the BEARD, how old you think I am ?

At this point he was pointing toward his face, which had like couple dozen hairs on this chin, and few random hairs on the sides, very little of it. The lady (and me) giggled a bit.

“Her” : sorry but I still need a valid form of identification.

“Him” : I’m not buying anything else if you don´t sell me this wine.

“Her” : ok, you can leave the items right in the basket behind you.

The guy looks at the basket, hesitates a bit, and turns back to her.

“Him” : FINE, only the Doritos then.






Burly Goontar

Whew! The store almost missed out on the sale of a bag of Doritos. Luckily, they are irresistible. Now the store manager can pay his employees. 8^)

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