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Craft Store Hell: You can't return a nonexistent marker



From   u/Polvoroni Tales From Retail:

I work at an arts and crafts store. A customer comes in with a receipt of maybe 12 items, saying that they purchased a "black marker" but accidentally left it in the store. No one left a marker up front, so another associate asks them to show the item on the floor; they point out a $4.99 acrylic marker. We get the item number, but it doesn't match anything on their receipt.

I suggest that they might have the wrong receipt, they suggest otherwise. After a long exchange about why I can't just give them a marker without any proof that they paid for it, they relent.

C: "It's fine. I don't want the marker anymore. I'll just return it for a refund."

Me: "I can't do that. It's not on the receipt and you don't have the item."

They demand I go down the list of items, explaining what each one is. The only one I can't describe is a seasonal item with a SKU number that turns up blank. It's $19.95 and some sort of paint set.

C: "That must be the marker."

Me: "It's not the same marker that you pointed out on the floor. It's a paint set."

C: "Yeah, the actual marker was sold out. (????) That must be the one I left here."

Me: "We don't sell any markers for that price..."

C: "Yeah the marker was sold out!"

The store manager took over the transaction and ultimately told the customer the same thing. After they left all huffy and defeated, my SM and I just stood there dumbfounded. Honestly, they spoke with such conviction that I feel like I might be missing something...






Bad Customer Service: Ridiculous Fast Food Experiences


3 RHU CharactersFrom dbwhite6450, TalesFromTheCustomer

There is a fast food establishment in my area that has been so ridiculously bad over the years that I go there on occasion just to see what outrage will happen. Here is a sample, each story more ridiculous than the last.

-While waiting for my order in the drive thru, a large male employee asked if I would like to see his new tattoo and lifted his shirt to show me the tattoo on his stomach without me answering one way or the other.

-One night a friend and I went there to get a snack. They asked for our order and after we had placed it, they apologized and began listing off everything they were out of, which when put together meant that there was literally not one thing on the entire menu that could be ordered fully.

-A different friend and I had nothing to do one night so we went over as a joke. With 4 cars in front of us, we waited in the drive thru line for 80 (not a typo) minutes. When we finally pulled up to the window, the worker greeted us with "ARE YOU ACTUALLY GOING TO GET ANYTHING, OR ARE YOU JUST GOING TO DRIVE AWAY?!?!?!? IM SICK OF THIS!!!!" We ended up getting our food and the food of the person in front of us because they had left without it. Surprise, surprise, we got food poisoning.

-My brother got a call from a friend and told him to hurry down to this place. The employees had started a mutiny against the management and were giving away everything in the restaurant for free. Once they were out of food, they turned on every heating device, locked the doors, and left with all of the keys still inside. No, it did not burn down. I actually don't know what happened. I imagine a manager came by to close and stopped it, or one of the workers felt bad and notified someone.



Monstrous Customers: *You* broke them!



From u/Claxton916  Tales From Retail:

I work at a big box retail store that's pretty exclusively in the Midwest, specifically I'm in flooring/window treatments. Our store's policy on returns is that we accept everything unless it's like a bucket of mortar that you used half of. We are willing to take blinds back even if we cut them, we just defect them out immediately.

I'm pretty good at what I do, I rarely break blinds because I know how to handle them properly.

Today a lady came in with blinds that were already cut, but she told me she needed another half inch removed off it. She practically shoved the blinds into my arms and walked away.

As I opened the box I saw that the aluminum slats were bent in such a manner that A) They're unusable, at least in a good home. B) They won't fit into my trimmer.

I went to see if I had another blind to replace it, but there were none on the shelf and an out of stock tag was in place so I went to my computer to see if maybe I have some in order or if another store has them, but unfortunately no.

I went back to the aisle where I began to tell the lady that because her blinds were bent I couldn't cut them, I was about to tell her she could still return them for a full refund before she cut me off and in an exaggerated tone said "you broke them, they weren't broken when I came here."

I told her that I'm sure I didn't break them.

"I spend THOUSANDS of dollars here. I'm going to talk to your manager about this, what's your name." She bitched

"My name is u/Claxton916, unfortunately my manager is not in the department so you'll have to go to the front and talk to a GM there."

"I will"

"Alright you have fun and a good evening ma'am."

All she wanted was a full refund and to return them, but she didn't think she could so she blew it out of proportion.

I know I'm not gonna get in trouble because in the 7.5 months of working here I have never once had a complaint about me from a guest.