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Why not have both diet and regular?


It makes me think they worded it badly and they have to sell out of some filled slots before they will put in regular pop. Otherwise they have to store hundreds of loose pop cans in a closet.

Hodge Elmwood

(1) Diet pop tastes like crap. (2) It's none of my employers' business what kind of pop I choose to drink. If you want to encourage healthier choices, include water in the pop machines, but keep your nose out of other people's food/drink choices.

Kai Lowell

Yeah, those of us who can't HAVE artificial sweeteners would pitch an almighty fit. You can't just have one option unless you want to leave people out and piss them off, and you definitely can't be policing what others eat and drink like that.


Amusingly, this is kind of what happened when we moved to the new office where I work now. ALL the shit in the vending machines was diet or 'light' (and in one extreme case... vegan. (shudder)) and when they hung a little notepad and pen on them for suggestions, 90% was 'no more diet crap'.

Me, since I can't have the sugar, it was nice having more than one choice to drink for a change...


Somebody higher up made our vendor replace the Mountain Dew slot with a second diet Pepsi. The next week management had the Mountain Dew back. You never take out the Mountain Dew. Not filling a slot in the snacks with Cheetos also had the machine covered in notes. This is the same place where a night shift manager punched out the front glass of the vending machine when his food got stuck and took it out. No he was to hard to replace and did not get fired.


NEVER get between geeks and Mountain Dew.

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