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From u/gypsymamma, Tales From Retail:

I hope it's okay to relay this story from my husband. He works in the service department of a large busy dealership. He likes his customers and has quite a few that are really nice folks. But every so often he gets a real jerk.

This lady was a first time customer. He worked with her on the estimate and got the work completed and all was going well. She came to pick up her vehicle, paid and left, only to return minutes later pissed and yelling. Accused him and his techs of scratching her car and threatening that she'd see him pay.

My husband kept his cool and said, let's go look at your car and you can show me the damage. They walk out together and the lady leads him to her car, angrily going on about how careless my husband and his team are. They get to the car and my husband takes a look at it and tells her, "Ma'am this is not your car." She dumbfoundedly looks at it and then pushes her key fob, and sure enough, her car beeps from a different place in the parking lot.

I asked him, did she at least apologize? I mean, I'd be mortified if it was me! He said no, she never even said sorry, just went off and got in her car and drove away.








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