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From  u/crazyjoe20999 I Don't Work Here Lady:

So I'm on vacation with my family the hotel we are staying at has a nice free breakfast. It has one of those waffle machines as well. We walk down to eat breakfast. ( I'm wearing Batman lounge pants and a t-shirt) I make everyone a waffle because "Dads are the best" ( Really because I don't want the kids to start pushing each other around hot metal) After I hand the waffles I finally make mine and start to sit down, when I hear I'd like two waffles. Obviously I ignore it and sit down with my family. The lady follows me and says Crazy lady: Didn't you hear me? I said I wanted two waffles.

Me: Yea, I heard you. The breakfast self serve. You have to make them yourself.

Crazy lady: I just saw you hand out waffles to these people. Get off your but and do your job.

Me. These people are my family. I don't work here. I'm on vacation just like you.

Crazy lady: Listen here you lazy.. Crazy ladys kid: Look mommy he's wearing Batman pants.

She looks down sees my pants. It finally clicks and she starts making her breakfast. Her husband walks up afterwards and tells me he's sorry, and offers to buy me us lunch on him. He hands me a twenty and says sorry again.







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