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From u/Skelfilegur1989  I Don't Work Here Lady:

One of my jobs a while back required I wear a certain color polo with slacks. The polo looked real professional and was all a dark grey, and I decided to wear it out one day because laundry. I go to my local country store to get new boots because I like their company. Good, friendly staff and I know the girls who work there.

I'm browsing boots, facing the boxes as I go and as I do so, a customer there grabs my arm and asks me to come with her. She looked about my age and had the haircut. You know the one. Let's call her H for haircut.

Me: "Please let go of my arm, what do you need?"

H: "Just come already. I have a question about a safe."

Me: "Again, please let go of my arm. I do not-"

H: "You need to answer my questions. I don't have all day, do you know what my husband does?"

At this point I'm still very miffed because she won't let go of my arm and I really don't want to remove it. I'm not a small guy and outside eyes.. instead I ask if I can get an employee to help her.

H: "You are an employee, you need to help me or I'll have you fired. This is a Navy town and my husband is a Petty Officer and will file a complaint about you."

Now, I was intrigued. I went with her to the safes and, given that I do have some knowledge about them, proceed to tell her pretend features about it, because I really hated the idea that spouses would leverage their SOs title in social things.

I told her about how if you pushed the safe over on its face, it would allow easy access through the back in cases of emergency, that you could hide small children inside it in the case of an armed ingress on your household, how it doubles as a doorstop.

I even showcased it's voice activated unlock feature and opened the already unlocked safe and she was totally on board and asked if she could purchase a model from the back of the store.

I said of course and left to get an actual employee and went back to my shopping.

Being a manager is easy, guys. Take it from me.







Do you have any idea how badly you f*cked over the actual employee who had to deal with her?


1) Very loudly saying "LET GO OF ME!" works wonders.

2) Very loudly announcing "I DON'T WORK HERE," also works wonders.

You made false claims about a product which the employees now have to straighten out, and you failed to teach this person any sort of actual lesson. In short:

You done fucked up, boy.

18 Spears

That happened to me once. I looked at the lady smiled and calmly said, "If you don't let go of me I'm going to hurt you a great deal." Then I gave her the craziest eyes I could make. It worked.


Pretty much yeah. I'd hate to be the employee that has to tell her that she just got flat out lied to by someone she thinks is a manager. That is going to be a shit storm for that department when she inevitably threw a complete fit and started screaming at everyone in sight.

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