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From u/pike_trickfoot  Tales From Retail:

Finally had a customer tell me they'd have my job! The only thing is, I don't really know what I did.

She came up pissed because she tried two different phone numbers at the checkout and neither worked. So I look up her account with her license and see a third number.

"That's my house phone."

"Okay, would you like to keep that one on the account or change it?"

"Well why didn't the other ones work? This is ridiculous, I've been shopping here for 27 years, I shouldn't be treated this way."

"I'm not too sure. They just weren't linked to any existing account."

I think my mistake was mentioning that they've been clearing the system lately of unlinked numbers? She took it as an offense. I told her that ultimately she could call corporate for more help but I didn't have any information on why the numbers didn't work at the store level beyond they aren't on any account. She then said she'd "never shop at this fucking store again" and left.

Or so I thought. She came right back in and demanded to see the store manager. I told her she could talk to the front end manager or my direct manager at the service desk. She then left and started demanding the store manager from a girl who had literally just started at the desk about an hour before all this. Obviously I save the poor girl. So I go up and say again, your options are the front end manager, my manager, or call corporate. She starts to go over to my manager so I go back to doing a job away from the desk itself. Someone a bit away asked what all the commotion was so I briefly explained it - we all love a good bad customer story.

Well, the lady saw me talking and ran over. "Since you're so CHICKEN that you have to tell everyone what happened, I'll just CALL the store manager and have your JOB!"

I just replied with "OK". Not sure what I could say at that point. Still not sure what I could have said, honestly. Usually I'm good at thinking back after a bad confrontation, realizing what went wrong, and learning from it. But this I'm just too confused on. I barely said anything to her before she started swearing at me. I really don't know what she was so upset over.

But the funny part is that this customer has previously told me she'd never be shopping at the store again. So she might just be crazy.








"You wouldn't want my job. It means I get to deal with YOU."

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