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From u/Nonoh8 Tales From Retail:

So I work in a place that sells big bags of animal feed usually weighing about 15-25kg each and I’m happy to lift such bags as I’ve been trained how to do it safely and efficiently and I’ve gotten pretty strong since I started working here.

However, I hurt my shoulder playing tennis recently and I’ve been unable to lift bags this week which is fine because we have a few carts/trolleys as a service without using a token or a coin to free it from a bay like in most stores.

I think it’s a nice touch and it makes it nice and easy to transport bags. Most customer just grab a trolley and do their own thing.

But if it’s a smaller bag I usually have no problem grabbing it and moving it to the register for a customer but as I’m hurt I’ve had to decline and get a trolley which usually takes a few seconds more and as we all know, humans aren’t a very patient species for the most part.

Today I’ll be ME and irritated lady will be IL.

IL: hey can you grab that bag for me?

ME: Sure thing just let me run and get a trolley so I can help!

IL: (irritated scowl) can’t you just lift it?

ME: I actually have a bit of an injury but I can go get-

IL: Can you call a supervisor or someone ABOVE you?

She kind of spat the word above at me and I was kind of shocked. It was such a sudden change to her or something? So I just nodded and walkied my shift manager who is henceforth SM.

SM: Hi there is everything ok here?

IL: Your employee here refuses to get me that bag!

SM: My COWORKER here has a small injury to her shoulder and can’t lift heavy bags like this but we can pop it onto a trolley for you and have it brought up to the desk-

IL: BUT THAT WILL TAKE SO MUCH LONGER, oh my god HERE let me do it!

(What like calling my SM didn’t take twice as long too?)

She proceeds to rip the bag off the pallet and as such tears a huge hole in the bag which of course makes this feed go everywhere.

IL: (starts LAUGHING) now you have some real work to do! (As she’s walking off still laughing)

My SM did want to make her pay for damaging merchandise but instead we rang HQ and they told us just to copy her image from the cameras and not allow her in anymore. They also allowed us to use the the damaged bag for free samples for customers’ pets!

Our security guy had a field day cuz nothing like this has ever really happened and he really enjoyed chasing her down and telling her she had to leave and not come back lol









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