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From u/Tritefull Tales From Retail:

Many of you might recall that I had a hard time with my old department and that I was relocated to the bakery department, thanks to a lovely, lovely bakery manager.

I just need to share this experience, for the pure humour of it.

Our shop is a twenty-four hour store. For my training shifts, I have been scheduled from 5am-1pm, to get everything done and make sure when I fool up that I can correct what I did wrong and so on, because in a bakery it is bound to happen and it has happened with me.

Two days ago, my first shift when I was alone for an hour, when for the first time I had to set up the ovens and proofers and sort out the mixes and read the list my trainer left me of what to begin with (and God love him, and God love my co-worker and friend who helped me out that day when I was on my own, he'll never know how much I appreciated his patience). A lady, at 5:30 comes in. She will be I.L. for idiot lady. I will be me.

I.L.: (banging on bakery counter)

Me: Hey! What can I do for you?

I.L.: I need some fresh baked homestyle bread.

Me: That won't be ready for about an hour.

I.L.: Isn't this a 24 hour grocery store?

Me: Yes, but that's the main part of the store, mainly grocery and what's on the shelves. Our departments don't open until certain times. I just came in and am taking care of the paperwork and setting up our dough for the day.

I.L.: Ridiculous. The sign outside says 24 hours.

Me: Yes, it does, but there are several loaves out on the shelf of homestyle bread. You cannot come at 5:30 in the morning and expect everything to be freshly baked. I guarantee you that what you find on the shelf is as good as what I can do for you.

I.L.: I guess I'll go somewhere else.

Me: Good luck, most bakeries open at 9 or later. Let me know if you find something else.


My rant ends here.









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