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From u/rapidashley Tales From Retail:

I work in the bakery department of a large grocery store. Like many others, we have one of those flip books with different theme cakes you can order. We also sell ice cream cakes, but the decorators made it very* clear that we cannot do theme cakes with them. Just flowers or balloons and coloured trim.

So my coworker was talking to a customer (Not my boss/NMB) who was there looking for a birthday cake for her daughter's bday (who was also there, probably like 9 years old), and as I was walking by NMB was asking questions about our cakes in the counter.

We have a couple new cakes right now that NMB was looking at so I was hovering around because I wasn’t sure how much my coworker knew about them. It becomes clear NMB wants an ice cream cake, so my coworker shows her the sign we have detailing it. NMB asks for one of the theme designs on the ice cream cake and my coworker says she thinks we can do that, and looks to me for confirmation.

(Whaaat?? Did you miss the signs and the talks from the decorators that we are absolutely cannot do theme ice cream cakes?? I’m just glad she checked before taking that order because it would have been a pain).

Since my coworker doesn’t know, I take over with NMB and describe what designs are available on the ice cream cake.

NMB: so you can’t do This theme cake?

Me: no sorry, only xyz basic designs.

NMB’s daughter: I want to get the (theme) one.

NMB: no that’s just regular cake inside and we’ll just throw it out.

Me: sorry about that, but (royal ice cream place) does ice cream cakes with lots of designs, I bet you could find something there.

NMB: yeah we’ll probably go there.

Me: okay!

NMB in a disapproving tone : ... and by the way, if one of my employees told a customer to go to (list of stores from her industry) I would tell them (employee) to follow them (customer) there.

Side note: I’m not sure what industry she’s in because I was trying to figure out what the hell she was talking about. The last thing she said I thought was ATM so I was thinking maybe banking, which might make sense because telling a customer to go somewhere else would be getting rid of their business. But like... I told her a place she can find a product we don’t have, usually customers are grateful for that. It’s not like she can do all her groceries at an ice cream store anyways... I’m starting to think she was listing clothing stores though? With the last one being letter&letter.

I just kind of stared at her processing. Then she said “I won’t report you though” in a voice that sounded like she was doing me a favour by not tattling to my boss.

I didn’t know how to react so I just smiled tersely and said “it’s to make the customers happy” as she walked away.

Like I’m just trying to help you and your daughter find a birthday cake you want, what’s up with the attitude lady..

TLDR: customer says she would fire me if I worked for her because I suggested another store that carries a product I can’t make.












"If you worked for me, I'd fire you."

"If I worked for you, I'd quit. Or kill myself."


"But I won't report you."

"Oh, please do, I get a bonus every time a customer tells my boss that I've gone above and beyond to help a customer find what they want, even if it's not from us."


I think the customer had a point? In my last job, we were instructed that if we didn't have the product the client requested, we were supposed to suggest and upsell items we DID have that might be an acceptable substitution. In this specific story, the associate "should" have talked to the customer about the benefits of their cakes, even without the theme, and sold them some additional decorations to stick on a plainer icecream cake.

Quotation marks around "should," because I hate this attitude. From a business perspective, though? I guess we weren't self-destructively sending money to our competitors, even if most customers probably found their own way there anyway. Management didn't see it as wasting people's time when we didn't have something - they panned it off as "saving the customers' time by offering them a solution". And of course $$$$$.

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