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From u/Sunbrojade  Tales From Retail:

I work at a gas station/car wash, had the weirdest encounter with what seemed to be a nice old man.

He drives up in one of those charity trucks, with all the stickers promoting the cause, this one happened to be promoting better treatment for vets. Which would make me think he is a decent human being, I was apparently very wrong.

It was a fairly busy day, this (thankfully) happened during a period with no customers in the store.

First he parks horizontally, right in front of the doors blocking my view of the pumps and taking up as much room of the parking area as possible. (not sure if anyone else hates when people do this)

He walks in and we exchange pleasantries, asking how his day is going ect. Normal friendly customer service stuff. He looks to be in his mid 70's. Covered head to toe in the Veteran charity stuff.

Then he walks over to the fountain soda area, our prices are posted in the corner on a TV screen. He comes up to the counter with his 32 oz soda.

Me = Me

Angry old vet = AOV

Me: "Good afternoon sir, will this be all for you today?"

AOV: "Yes, thank you."

At this point he has only one dollar out of his wallet waiting for me to tell him his total. Internally well this is going to end well.

Me: "Your total will be $1.80 today!"

He looks at the screen, stares at his wallet, shakes his head really dramatically while reaching into his wallet for another dollar. Then hands me the two dollars.

Me: "Thank you sir, that will be $0.20 back for you, have yourself a wonderful day!"

AOV: "I'm surprised your owner has not been beaten."

Me: "Uhh, I'm sorry?"

AOV: "If your owner tried that in [names large city an hour away] someone would have come in and beat him with a baseball bat, someone should really do that, the price is absurd!"

Me: (so shocked someone could get this angry over a soda price) "I am sorry you feel that way sir, but we keep prices pretty competitive with the other convenience stores."

AOV: "Well if paying that price for soda is what it takes to live in [clearly inferior town to the one with cheaper soda] then I wont consider living here any longer!"

Me: Internally,Oh thank goodness, please don't live in my town."Okay, sorry you feel that way. Have a good day!" /s

Thankfully haven't seen him since.

Tldr: Old man comes in expecting soda to be a dollar or less, it isnt, says owner should be violently beaten for charging that price.








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