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From u/BlindArchers Tales From Retail:

Alternative title: The Not So Great Funko Stampede of 2018

I went into work today knowing that a Funko of a certain yellow rodent was officially for sale. I asked the electronics guy if there were any left. He told me about the lunacy that occurred a few hours before.

As the opening crew arrived at the store, they were met with a group of about six people huddled outside the doors, waiting for the store to officially open. A mix of die hard collectors and resellers, each hoping to get their hands on said yellow rodent.

As soon as the front doors were opened, these people ran in, frantically making their way to the back of the store. "WHERES THE POP???? YOU HAVE X IN STOCK!!!!!"

The store manager went to look through the back room, and came back empty handed. Perhaps it was an error on the shipping manifest and we never got them. Whatever the case, the manager was unable to locate them, and relayed that to the electronics guy.

But these people weren't having it. They demanded to speak to the manager. Electronics guy radioed that in, and the store manager said that they had to meet him at the front of the store. They weren't having that, either. They demanded he come back to electronics, where they were all herded. He refused.

Two of them elected to go up front to yell at the manager. The rest stayed behind to harass the electronics guy, to the point where he radioed for help because they wouldn't leave him alone. Another worker had to come shoo them away.

All gathered in the front, they yelled at the manager, demanding the precious yellow rodent they had been so harshly denied. He took down their names and numbers and told them he would give them a call if the items turned up. And they did, a few hours later.

I get the concept of "first come, first serve," but if you devolve into an apathetic screaming banshee who harasses retail employees first things in the morning - and over a Funko POP, of all things - you don't deserve jack.







McHell Manager

I will never understand peoples obsession with those stupid figures. They are just figures that do nothing but sit there and, in my opinion, they're ugly! Like, holy hell you are about to riot over a thing that will most likely sit in it's box or on a shelf. Why?!!


Especially when you could just order it online...

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