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2 movie theater hellFrom PNWThreeLetterDevil, TalesFromTheTheatre

Did I mention we are one of the only non Dine-In that will deliver food to their reserved seats?

One manager started it before the super hot food menu came out, putting signs by all the concessions tills of course, these have since gone away (it wasnt me I swear), but there are plenty of guests that know and will specifically ask.

None of us mind at all during prime or a rush it is nice knowing that we are not making anyone miss their movie. But I refuse to deliver french fries in the last hour on a weekday. You know, that stretch where guests still trickle in but it isn't much of a crowd.

A slow Wednesday night, I'm pre-closing like a mf tryna get out.

Two women walk through the obnoxious S shaped line set up in the lobby, instead of saving 15 steps and walking around. One of them opens with "Hi how are you" and I start to respond with a "well I'm pretty tired".

Nope. She just goes right back to chatting with her friend for another 20 seconds about what they are getting. One wants a small popcorn and the other wants a smaller drink.

"Okay. Together or separate?"

One says separate the other says I got it.

"Okay, its 11.42".

"Oh! Also I want french fries" says the one paying.

"Okay one second" I walk down to the end of concessions and toss her fries in the Fryer.

Carolanne derpTheir movie is still 5 minutes until the showtime. I walk back to them and they are chatting again, so I don't interrupt them the fries have a minute and a half left. "Its 17.04 with the fries"

"okay" a card is thrown on the counter at me.

"Thanks, your fries will be done in two minutes right down there." and I point to the hot food pickup area.

"Oh. Could. You. Deliver. Them. To. My. Seat?" She starts talking really slow like I'm a child.

"Ma'am, I just put your fries in the fryer, they will be done by the time you get your drink. Your movie still has three minutes until the showtime, and there is 15 minutes of trailers, so you wont miss anything picking the food up in a minute right over here."

"But you can bring them to my seat? I don't want to walk all the way back out from my movie"

Finally admitting defeat, "okay. What theatre are you in?"

"8(around the corner down the hall, it is the farthest auditorium) but I don't know my seat."

"Don't worry I'll find you," as the fryer starts to drop the food. The ladies go to get the drink and I get the fries in a box and deliver them across the lobby.

It is the blatant disrespect that gets me. These people come in and almost expect us to wipe their asses for them. They expect us to be listening when they are finally ready to order, and they even ask things and then blatantly ignore what I say.




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