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A customer came up and accused my theatre of trying to make more money.

Backstory: Our location has the blood bus stationed in front most days. When someone gives blood, they get a gift card for an online site to purchase movie theatre tickets.

So one day, a kid and his girlfriend walked up and asked me where the bus was and why it wasn’t out front. Being that I work for the theatre and know nothing of the bus schedule, I informed him of as much.

He then asked, “Oh. Are they gone so you guys can make more money from ticket sales since a big movie just came out?”

At that point I just laughed and told him that, no we have literally nothing to do with their company or the online site they give gift cards to. Thankfully he dropped it and walked away.

We’ve also been accused of conspiring against customers for a multitude of reasons since we don’t have any WiFi, at all.

It sucks since our building has less than no service so even on breaks were out of luck. But I always kind of laugh to myself when customers get pissy we don’t have WiFi. Like y’all realize that would just encourage more people to use their phones in the movie right? The same people you’d then complain about? Common sense just isn’t common.

Side note, I hope you made a lot of money selling that guys truck! I’ll have to tell my coworkers we can easily make extra money by turning up the volume and stealing trucks! ;)





I always said if I owned a theater the viewing area would be a faraday cage.

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