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Movie Theater Hell: But I Want To Know The Showtimes!


1 Movie Theater HellFrom Dsico_Beets, TalesFromTheTheatre

Do you ever answer the phone and know the other person isn't from this state, but you're not even sure if they are from this planet?

The phone call happened the other week and it's been a recurring joke since. Side note: I work at a smallish location that's 20 minutes away from bigger, competitor locations. It's pretty typical that our competitors play movies we simply can't due to size and projectors (fathom, IMAX, etc).

Me: Hello, and thank you for calling blah company location! I am me how can I help you?

Person: Oh! Hi, uh...I was calling about... For this, a movie, and a Friday... showtimes... It's a movie that comes out... Chappaquiddick.

Me: Oh, I am sorry we didn't pick up that feature for this upcoming week.

Person: Chappaquiddick comes out this Friday and I need to know the showtimes.

Me: Ma'am, it will not be playing at this location.

Custy phone 1Person: Okay, so it comes out this Friday, April the 6th, and I need to know the showtimes for it.

Me: You need to call a different location if you would like to watch the movie this Friday. ??

Person: Is this blah company location in location?

Me: ...Yes.

Person: Okay! So, I want to watch Chappaquiddick there.

Me: We WILL NOT be playing that film. (*There's a slim chance we would pick it up late, but she is so dense that I dropped any vagueness to that fact)

Person: But, I just need to know the showtimes for this Friday for the movie at your location!

Me: ...We aren't playing that movie here on Friday... ??

We proceed to loop around almost 2 more times (a coworker stopped and stared at me baffled), before she grumpily hung up on me for being unhelpful.




Misty Meanor

They only hear what they want to hear, then twist the blame when they lose. Typical crusties.


It's half past the monkeys ass. Hang up.

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