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I'm trying really, really hard not to be that guy that puts in his two weeks notice and then spends his last 2 weeks complaining about every single aspect about the job till he leaves. Really, I am. But customers like this are making it really hard.

I was scheduled in box office today. Maybe an hour-ish after opening, this old woman with two little girls (couldn't have been any older than 9 or so) walked up. Now, outside of the box office we have a wall with poster slots that display the posters of all the movies we have that week. People (mostly old people) will walk up all the time, spend 10 minutes looking at the posters and yelling "well where are the tiiiiimes?!?!?" before walking past it and checking the TVs in the box office where the times are actually posted. Sure enough, that's what this woman did, and after she walked up to the box office, she must've spent 10 more minutes looking at the times. Finally, she walks up and very rudely asks "I though y'all had Beauty and the Beast?!? Where is it?!?"

I'm fucking dumbfounded. We had that movie since mid-March, and just lost it this past Friday. That's a little under 2 and a half months, which is, far and away, the longest we've ever held a movie since I've been here. Longer than Rogue One, Dr. Strange, Moana, maybe even La La Land. Not to mention all the movies it lasted longer than that were released after it, such as Power Rangers, Life, and Fast and Furious 8. We had it for so long, that the poster outside in the aforementioned poster case was starting to fade a bit from sun damage. Hell, just the other day I saw a TV ad that was advertising it on Blu-ray. How the hell did you miss it?!?

I inform her of this (just that we had just lost it, I didn't actually word it like above) and she bitches about it for a few seconds before begrudgingly deciding to go to Pirates of the Caribbean instead. So I charge her for 2 kids tickets and 1 senior. Now, since it was still early afternoon, we were still doing matinee pricing, and kids and senior discounts during matinee times are the absolute cheapest you can get tickets on a weekday. ($7.21/ticket, after tax). I tell her the total, and she once again gets all pissy, this time about how "outrageously expensive" it is before turning to the two girls and saying "Between that and not having our movie, we're never gonna come back here again, girls!" I give her the tickets and tell her to enjoy the movie as nicely as I possible can, and she fucking scoffs, rolls her eyes, and walks off without saying anything.

Freddy hang myselfI fucking understand why people bitch and yell at me about concessions prices. I get it, I really do, even though I still hate it when they do cause I have no control over it whatsoever. But ticket prices? Not only do I not have any control over those, but corporate doesn't even really have much of a choice in the matter, either, considering the vast majority of ticket sales go back to the movie studios (hence why concessions are so expensive), so if they're really that fucking unreasonable for you, especially when you're getting all the cheapest discounts you can possibly get, then stay the fuck home and watch the movie you actually wanted to see now that it's out on fucking Blu-ray! (Or almost out, I dunno. I didn't pay much attention to that TV ad).

I don't know about you guys, but I think I absolutely despise the Beauty and the Beast brand now. Not just the live action remake, but everything with that name on it, period. I know that sounds insanely petty of me, but seriously, a very big portion of the most frustrating moments in my employment at the movie theater have been related to that fucking movie.

Whether it be the rude customers and fucking trashed theaters on the most rainy day of spring break season (what my very first post on this sub was about), the people who didn't bother to read that the time they decided to go see it in was in 3D (my second post on this sub, iirc), the story from the movie's first Friday, which was quite possibly the most pissed off I've ever been about something happening at any job I've ever had (haven't posted that story on this sub yet, and I won't do it now cause this post is long enough already), and now this. Ugh, even when we don't even HAVE the movie it's still pissing me off.

Do/did any of you guys have really shitty Beauty and the Beast experiences, too?

EDIT: Just had a thought: how much money do you wanna bet that, despite how much she raged about how much the tickets cost, she still bought concessions and then raged about how much they cost as well? Also, saying you're never coming back to our 14 screen theater cause it's no longer showing a movie that'a been out for months is especially stupid when the only other theater anywhere near here is only a 10 screen, and thus probably lost it before we did. It's also even more expensive than our theater, from what I've heard. Oh logic, where art thou?





I'm betting on brought something in or they went without. We were fed until full, and then went to the movies as a kid. We also weren't used to getting a snack between meals every day.


Not really a rant, but I remember when Spirited Away came out, I wanted to see it so bad but my mom kept procrastinating on it. I think I finally got to see it on one of the last days in the theater and I was a bit panicky when I found that out. I really wanted to see it in theater.


Well, you did have the poster outside the theater. If the movie wasn't playing any more, it should have been removed. Just sayin'

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