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1 Movie Theater HellFrom methodwriter85, TalesFromTheTheatre

Our new GM apparently commented that sales are down and Number 3 Chain corporate aren't happy about that.

Gee, you don't think the fact that we were forced to go from a capacity of 2600 to one of about 1040 might mean that we can't make the kind of sales we used to?

My god, the recliners are great but they did not bring in the business that they swore up and down would happen. We were forced to undergo a 3 million dollar makeover (just on the recliners, mind you- nothing to do with all that's wrong in the concession area) in a theater that was built just a few years ago.

On one hand, sellouts are more common, but on the other hand, it's far less people. It just didn't feel worth it at all. The studies that Number 3 Chain cited said that there would be an "evening out" effect, where more people would come on slower days but that didn't happen. I don't think they took the fact that a lot of our customers are from surrounding states doing weekend visits to the mall into consideration at all. They're not going to come out on a Wednesday night, especially if there isn't a Discount night like Tuesday.

Our biggest competitor, a Royal Chain just finished a recliner conversion. (Honestly, their recliners go back further.) There's also a brand-new small indie chain with about 300 seats total that's right next to the local university, and it's taken a bit out of base, as well.

Just so stupid. They were going to do a conversion at a smaller chain theater 10 minutes north of us, but I think that got cancelled.





Ugh, I hate the mindset of 'blame the staff' for lack of sales rather than focusing on the shortcomings of the business itself, or factors completely out of their control. You can promote the company all you want, but you can't make people visit and spend money like in your ideal little unrealistic fantasies.

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