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This ended up being longer than I meant it to, and I have just scratched the surface about how much I hate TLD and how we are screwed over constantly...

We have been understaffed since about October last year (we had about only 15 employees and have stayed at a constant 13-17 since) Our hiring manager is currently our only manager because our other one quit, and we don’t have a GM because he got fired a few weeks ago and he still hasn’t been replaced.

We currently only have 13 normal employees, and it is nearly impossible for us to get more than one to two days off. Not only that, but we can only do so much at night when we clean, otherwise we’d be there till we opened that next morning (even if we get to close after the 7 rush).

We’re having employees drop like flies and no one will hire new ones, so I was one of three people cleaning theaters tonight. I was sick earlier in the weekend and had to call in on Friday, but I toughed it out the past two days since our staff is limited. In comes a manager from another TLD to close for the night, and she’s just making complaint after complaint about how we run things, but we’re trying our best. More than half our staff are high schoolers and there’s only so much they’ll do, so even when we did what she wanted, it was never good enough.

Well tonight, I was exhausted because I’m still a little sick, and we closed at 8:05 tonight, last theater at around 10:30. We got super behind with just sweeping the theaters because there were only three of us, and we’re all dead tired. We’d been complaining all night, but we did the work.

In comes this woman and my supervisor tells her “we have this theater and then trash and we’re done.”

And she just looks at us like “Well, you didn’t mop the lobby or bathrooms, and you didn’t vacuum the halls or the theaters...” (we also only have 1 vacuum)

We all just stare at her because it’s already 11 and we’re used to leaving at 10:30. We wanted to tell her that we still do all that stuff, just not every single night. We don’t do enough business nor do we have the coverage for it.

Needless to say, she forced us to at least mop the lobby and let us leave when it hit 12. All three of us were so tired that none of us were acting like ourselves as we walked out together.

TLDR: An outside manager filled in and tore apart our methods of running the building. She then made the 3 employees playing janitors that night stay over an hour and a half past our expected time to leave, exhausting all of us.

If only the pay wasn’t freaking minimum wage to keep a theater running with only 13 employees.




18 Spears

It sounds like it is time for a mass walk-out, or at least a "sit in" in which no work is done at all.


For your sake, find a new job. It isn't going to get better.

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