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Movie Theater Hell: Not Listening


2 movie theater hellFrom Zhaife, TalesFromTheTheatre

A woman came in with her 3 kids for a Coco that had ended previews about 15 minutes beforehand but still wanted tickets. We have reserved seating, and I pull up the seat plan. Conveniently, there are 4 seats on the back row of the theater by the entrance isle that I place her in. C is me and W is woman.

C: The theater is pretty full, but there are 4 seats on the back row of the theater that I've already selected if those are okay with you. They're towards the entrance so you don't have to pass over anybody.

W: Where are they?

C: They're highlighted in orange.

W: No, where are they?

C: They're the ones that are orange. Right here on the back row. (I physically point to them on the screen)

W: No, where are they in the theater?

C: They're on the back row of the theater by the entrance isle, that way you don't have to pass over anyone.

Carolanne chugW: Last time we were here you made us sit on the front row and I hurt my neck looking up at the screen.

C: I'm sorry. These seats are on the back row, though.

W: I don't want to sit on the front row again and have to look up at the screen. It'll hurt my children's necks.

C: The seats are on the back row.

W: I don't want to hurt my neck.

C: The seats aren't on the front row this time. They're on the back row. There's also recliner seating, you'll be laying down as well. I think your neck is going to be fine. Do you want the seats on the back row? They're literally the only ones left besides some seats on the front 2 rows.

W: Fine. Give them to me.

Liiiiiiterally how the fuck else do I explain these things to people?

And while I'm here, why do people come up and ask where the birthday party is being held if they didn't have it planned through corporate? We only know about birthday parties if they're planned and catered through us.

If you and 6 other moms just buy out a theater online without going through our event planner, we won't be notified that there's going to be a party. The funny thing is, there WAS a party actually scheduled today, but the birthday girl got the flu and it was cancelled, and the mom I was talking to got angry at me for 'lying' to her when I told her as such.

Saturdays are loooooong days in guest services.




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