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1 Movie Theater HellFrom PNWThreeLetterDevil, TalesFromTheTheatre

I know we all have them. Lets share some stories.

The theatre I am at is in a very posh area. Located just outside of a major city. Theres lots of money floating around the area, which brings people to the movies because they have nothing better to do. Recently remodeled with recliners, it is a nice place to see a movie. The theatre also pulls in the not as wealthy from the surrounding areas because it is so nice and has 11.32 tickets, somehow better than the surrounding area.

This creates a wide range of interactions.

Sunday afternoon. Concessions line was maybe 20 people at one point (not including any kids with those adults). I am on the regular line, farthest from the Premium line. Most of these people just want their popcorn and a water cup. I work well for these people.

I try to wave one up, and he has this shit-eating grin and asks, "Aren't you supposed to help them?"

"Yeah, but they can't hear me. What can I get you?"

"Fair enough. Large popcorn" his expression changed to something more pleasant and he told me to keep the change, and that was the fastest he had been Through concessions in a long while.


The family, a mom and 2 kids approach. The mom orders a small popcorn and drink, then turns to the kids, probably 12, encouraging them to order exactly what she just ordered.

This takes about two minutes, felt like an eternity. "Okay, I got the three popcorns and three drinks. Would you like to just make it one large popcorn instead of three? I could give you some trays to split it and it would save you about 15$."

She was offended and snaps back with a "We're NOT poor."

Me, shook, "Oh okay. Its $45.60."

You already know I scraped all the kernels and crumbs in the popper for those three regular popcorns.




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