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3 movie theater hellFrom fryanberry, TalesFromTheTheatre

I work at a small indie theater that’s pretty relaxed, so when a couple was having trouble checking in with Movie Pass I told them they could go ahead and buy their concessions and come back to pay once they were checked in on the app.

What they did instead was sit in the auditorium without paying. So I had to go full “usher” (which we don’t really do here) and pull them out and tell them they needed to pay before they watched the movie, which was already 12 minutes in by that point.

They didn’t like that and bitched for a couple minutes.

Then after the movie they came into the manager’s office where I, a manager, was sitting because I was doing manager things and they spent a good long time bitching me out a second time. And god forbid I opened my mouth to remind them that we have rules and policies, because the wife would cut me off to tell me how terrible my attitude was and how I apparently have no self awareness.

They said all kinds of crazy shit like comparing it to a restaurant where you pay after your meal and even trying to claim that they used to run the theater, which was extreme bullshit. There is no theater in this town that would let anyone sit down in the auditorium and watch a movie without paying for tickets first.

I wish I made this up because I felt like I was going to have a panic attack or cry the whole time, I’m horrible at being yelled at.





This couple is crazy! Next time they come around and complain call security!

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