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3 movie theater hellFrom Benson_Abigail, TalesFromTheTheatre

Lady comes in and asks us about a coupon she found online where she can get a BOGO ticket. I've never heard of it so I looked at the coupon, she's using RetailMeNot and every single comment (a total of around 12 or so) says that the codes don't work but this woman is adamant.

My manager gives her a free pass to honor the BOGO. She pulls the same shit at concession and the guy working concession calls my manager over the walkie saying he needs to issue some free popcorn passes. This woman scored a bunch of freebies literally all night because RetailMeNot didn't work and my manager cared too much about possible bad reviews or a call to corporate from this lady.

Lets see......

Every single time there's a Rated R movie, there's kids who want to go and parents who think they can pay for the kid's tickets and then leave them in there alone. If I am at box, I tell the parents they have to go to the movie and stay there the entire time with their kids unless the kids will be removed. I've gotten every single excuse:

"But I'm their mother and I say they can go!"

"Can I just walk in with them and leave when it starts?"

"I already paid for their tickets and I am NOT going in there with them! I've already paid so they're going in!"

"Is there some consent form I can sign so they can go in?"

"They have my explicit permission to go watch this movie."

"It's okay, they play violent video games all the time so a Rated R movie won't hurt them."

Skullies smileOur policy > your tile as a parent. When I usher, there is nothing I love more than kicking out unattended kids and telling people to turn their phones off. I kicked out way too many kids during IT and I am extremely fearful for Deadpool 2 when it comes out since when the first one came out, parents got into literal fist fights with our staff.

Speaking of kids trying to get in to Rated R movies, the kid's excuses themselves are adorable too:

"Can I call my dad and have him tell you I have permission?"

"I don't understand why we need ID, I mean, we're seniors in high school...."

^ That one almost made me burst into laughter.

"I don't have ID, but I'm 21."

"Oh yeah? What if I bought the tickets online? Who's going to check my ID?" sassy head rocking

"Will a school ID work?"

"I turn 17 in like 5 days!"

"I don't have ID but my friend is 18, can she buy my ticket?"

And so on and so on.




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