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From u/jewish_tricks, Tales From Retail:

I work as a loss prevention in a clothing store with a soft approach on how to deter theft. The rules are: I'm not allowed to accuse anyone of theft even if I'm 100% sure they've stolen something, I'm not allowed to physically touch a customers belongings (bags, handbags), and in order to deter theft I'm supposed to greet the person and ask if they're finding everything okay, or have another employee do it. With that said, I've had a homeless lady come in for past 4 months nearly everyday to steal small items.

At first I thought she was just a nice old lady who sadly was disabled and most likely homeless-- I would greet her at the door, take her bags, and sometimes make small talk with her. Since she was in nearly everyday, I quickly became her favorite as I always made sure she received the help she needed due to her disability. She would make cute remarks like, "whoever marries you is going to be a lucky lady", and would always call me "baby". Sometimes she would make purchases, but more often than not her card would get declined.

After some weeks another employee let me know that they had caught her stealing the other day, and from then on I began to watch her and sure enough she would attempt to pull off the security tags off of the merchandise, and sometimes the door sensor would ring as she walked out. Let me clarify that she not only would come in nearly everyday, but she would also come in multiple times a day, and due to our policy I'm not allowed to do anything about her except send my coworkers to stand around her and pretend to be working near her in order to spook her. It usually works, and had become a daily routine where I greet her as usual, act nice, make the small talk, and as soon as she walks to her usual spots let everyone know that "wheel-chair lady is here"-- my manager takes it from there and proceed to shower her with customer service and smiles till she leaves. This was the routine till the wheelchair lady began to catch on to what was happening and stopped being the sweet old lady I had become accustomed to-- no more being called "baby", and no more conversations. Now she's snappy and makes no attempt to buy things, she brings a small tool and tries to brake off the security tags-- I've caught her on the camera multiple times stuffing things underneath her wheelchair, but I still can't do anything.

As of now, my boss decided to damn the policy and will kick her out the next time he sees her. My job is so boring I'm looking forward to the ensuing drama that's probably going to unfold.







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