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I had just received my eight week old golden retriever puppy from the breeder. I’d travelled to see and select her a few weeks previously, and the breeder sent her to my town via airplane when she was old enough to fly. I, naturally, had arranged to take her to be checked over by a vet early the next morning.

It was my first visit to the practice, so I wasn’t familiar with the staff. I arrived with my bundle of adorable, checked in, and sat to wait in the foyer.

A young woman soon invited me in to an examination room, greeted me, identified herself as a vet and proceeded to glomp (uh - examine) my pupper. As it was just a checkup to be sure she was healthy and hadn’t been injured on the flight, the whole thing took less than ten minutes - with an additional five minutes for the vet to soak in some puppy cuddles - before I was on my way out with a clean bill of health for my brand new fur baby.

I had literally just stepped out of the first examination room when the door directly opposite opened and an older gentleman stepped out. He looked at me and said my name.

Gentleman Vet: Fudgey? With [puppy]?

Me: Yes?

Gentleman Vet: [gestures into his examination room] You can come right on through. It’s nice to meet you.

Me: What? But I’ve already been seen.

Jason oopsThe shock on the gentleman’s face was visible, and as one we both turned to look at the lady vet who had seen me. She let out a laugh that is instantly recognisable to anyone who has had siblings - a legit “mwah-hah-hah-hah-ha!” - and shut herself back in her room. I looked back at the gentleman.

Me: Did she steal my appointment from you?

Gentleman Vet: [downcast] Yes...

I have never before seen a man of that age and dignity so crestfallen. He looked like a little boy who had just realised Santa didn’t exist. His coworker had nicked the chance to play with a puppy from him - which seemed to be a sought-after prize.

Now that would not do. I had a lot of puppy to go around, after all.

Me: Would you like to hold the puppy? That’s pretty much why you wanted my appointment, right? [I hold out pupper]

Gentleman Vet: [lights up like a Christmas tree] Really? That would be wonderful!

He took my puppy and began to coo (actually cooed - dignified older gentleman cooing) over her while she licked his nose. The vet nurses started to gather and I took a seat until everyone had done the rounds. My baby loved meeting everyone and gave out kisses like they were going out of style. She was fed so many treats her little tummy bulged by the time they were done. It was a solid half hour before I got her back, but totally worth waiting over to see the faces of the nurses and the gentleman vet.

I got the feeling that they didn’t often get the chance to just hang with a normal, healthy puppy. Glad to be of service! 😂 Everyone deserves puppy love! 

Mandatory inclusion: Meet Grace, destined to be a service dog. Currently a service floof.

And All Growed up: My Gracie-girl is officially a year old!




Hodge Elmwood

She is absolutely beautiful! Look at her big smile! It was really sweet of you to let the vet and the nurses, etc., get some puppy love!


Oh my gosh what a sweet girl! I want to cuddle her too!

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