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From u/ForeverPizzaPrincess Tales From Retail:

Let me begin by saying no one likes this woman, she is the kind of customer when she arrives every employee runs the other way. To the point my store manager has purposely waited to send me on break so I could deal with her and has volunteered me to help this woman just so the SM didn't need to. We call this customer, 'Crazy Cat Lady'.

CCL is known for coming in either smelling of pure cat piss or mildew, will yell if you try to assist her without being asked first. Just batshit crazy..

However, what she's most known for is only buying $45-50 worth of pet food and throwing items on the counter or in her shopping cart..

One afternoon CCL comes in and I'm in a bad mood for whatever reason, I can hide it but after this incident my mind basically shut itself down.

CCL approached my counter, I greet her and such. She begins to unload her cart, first being the canned dog atop a 35 pound bag of cat food. Once she's finished putting the cans up, CCL picks the bag up and throws it on the counter, as usual, only this time causing at least 1/3 of the bag to erupt everywhere in a literal 30 foot radius of my counter.

I stand dumbfounded over what just happened, questioning my life choices up to this point, while she says,

"Oh my gosh! How did that happen?!"

"There's uh.. there's a rip in the bag, ma'am."

"Really- Oh there is! You know, I bought a broken bag just yesterday from this store."

Leaning over to press the 'call' button to have my manager come up front I begin mentally cursing her out.

"Let me help clean up! Give me a broom."

"No ma'am, it's fine-"

"No! Let me!"

Not giving a single fuck anymore I hand her a broom and dust pan that are next my counter, after the second brush into the pan she basically gives up due to how much there is. I lean against the counter, against my hand just staring straight ahead, waiting for my manager to show up so I can clean fucking Fancy Feast off of and around my register area.

When my manager rounds the corner she sees the 5 pounds of cat food on the floor, we then meet eyes and she almost bursts out laughing from my 'defeated face'. Without a word I pick up CCLs already bagged items and bring them to the next register, where my manager there already knows that I need her to jump on.

I return to my register and tell her,

"My manager can take you on number 3."

CCL isn't listening, my manager now speaks up,

"Ma'am, I can take you down here."

"What?! No! I prefer to check out here! It's easier!"

(She's referring to a bigger space and the fact I have 4 bag carousel while number 3 only has 2 bag carousels)

"Ma'am, she can't work at her register until she's done cleaning. I can take you here"

CCL throws a hissy fit, saying it's our fault anyhow since she apparently bought a broken bag of food yesterday. However, if she had actually bought a broken bag, her throwing said bag onto the counter like she always does would of certainly done the same thing as now so she was obviously lying through her teeth. Not to mention both managers have seen CCL, on multiple occasions, throwing her metal cans against the bag itself.

Instead of just apologizing for her mistake she blamed us, had a temper tantrum and then later, within the next 10 minutes, came back to see if we could lower the price since the bag was now damaged.

(We cannot because of company policy and that it now could be dangerous for an animal to eat. Apparently the managers have told her multiple times we cannot do that as well)

Yeah.. My manager sent me on break pretty quick


PethellFrom u/lyanderthal:

I wrote this as a comment to the other story about customers and their pet food antics, but it was kind of long so I thought I'd post it on its own instead.

At the store I worked at we had guns to scan the heavy stuff, and sense I am a 5 foot and 115 lb the last thing I want to do is lift anything over 30 lbs that's placed on a counter too high for me to use my legs. I made a point to tell people not to worry about their large/heavy items I can get it with my gun.

However, this man wouldn't hear of it, he insists he place his big bag of dog food on the belt. He puts it up there and I scan it with my gun and say, "ok, you can put it back in your cart now." He's not happy. I explain I can't lift a big floppy bag of dog food thats half my size with arm muscles alone but he insists he won't put it in his cart until I move it to the bag carousel. We go back and forth a few times and then he throws the "didn't they teach you the customers always right" line at me.


I slide the bag as close to the carousel as I can and then heave it over. It hits the carousel and the bag rips. A rain of dog food goes everywhere.

My co-worker that saw everything comes up looks at me exasperated like I'm the dumbest person ever and says, "what were you thinking! What kind of person thinks somebody your size should be lifting that? You should have let them leave it in the cart and scan it with your gun!"

Dudes face was priceless.

Bonus: the store I worked at donates any pet food that can't be sold, so the bag I ruined went to the local pet shelter.







Why would you hate a customer because they ONLY buy $35-40 worth of cat food? I only buy that much when I need to restock my cat food. I wasn't aware there was a minimum amount that a customer should buy.

Tech Support Survivor

Still sounds like a real gem.


Charmander, I kind of suspect an unspoken "And being a bitch about it" in that story. It also sounds like it's not the first time her dumbassery has broken open a bag of food all over everything...


Char, they may work at something like a Target or Walmart or a grocery store, and not just a pet store, so buying ~only~ pet food, and in that quantity, is a bit weird.

Or like TT said, the customer could be milking the ONLY thing, i.e. "It's ONLY some pet food..." whined at the express lane cashier when they've got twelve dozen individual cans.

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