Retail Hell Memories: Why didn't you call to tell me that the event you didn't know I was coming to was cancelled?!
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Not that this is on there, but I can remember this. The person that brought the appliance and installed it filled out the warranty and took it to the office where they filed it with their dealership and the corporate office.

Hodge Elmwood

Not sure how that would work. I bought the thing at a local branch of a chain store and took it home. The card was inside the sealed box. I would've had to go all the way back to the store (by bus) to hand the card in, and don't know if they have a process for filing these things. And anyway it doesn't indicate anywhere on the card what the third choice might be, how would I even know?


That would happen when they sold it to you at the dealership, brought to your house and installed it. I don't think even Sears would do it now, if you could find one. Our furnace and hot water heater place does though, as does our local lawnmower retail and repair dealership. It's what small retailers do to get your business, and it does bring in customers that want it even if it is a bit more expensive.

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