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Carolanne 005

From /SaulTheBoss Tales From Retail:

I'm at the registers doing my thing when a Mom (M) and her 5-ish daughter (D) come up. The mom has a small basket with some snacks, jars of peanut butter/jelly, and napkins, while the daughter is gently cradling a scrubby holder in the shape of a unicorn.

>S: Hello, ma'am. How are you today?

M: I'm fine. How are you?

S: I'm fine, thank you. *(Looks over counter at D)* Well, hello there!

D: *(Come up to counter, places unicorn in front of me)* I'm buying this!

S: Well, so you are! Do you have any money?

D: *(Looks confused, then at M)* No...

S: Well then, I guess your Mom will have to get it for you then. Ma'am?

M: *(Laughs)* I suppose I'll have to!

S: *(Scans unicorn, hands back to D)* There you are, ma'am.

M: D, what do you say?

D: Thank you!

S: You're very welcome. *(Scans rest of items)* You're total is $10.67.

D: Ten. Sixty. Seven. What does that mean, mamma? Is that ten dollars and...?

S: Oh, I was saying the number very quickly. It's actually One Thousand and Sixty-Seven dollars.

D: (0.0)

D: *(Looks at M)* Is that true?

M: Oh yes, it's very expensive.

D: But why?

S: Well, you DID buy a unicorn, after all.

D: *(Looks down at the unicorn in her hands, then at M)* Really?

M: Oh, yes. Be careful with your unicorn.

D: Okay!

M: *(To me)* Thanks for that.

S: Not a problem, ma'am. You two have a good day.

M: You, too. Come on, D.

D: *(To me)* Bye! *(To M)* I'm gonna tell all my friends I got a thousand dollar unicorn!









Misty Meanor

Isn't that cute!

Kai Lowell

Okay, this one gave me a much needed smile. :D (Been extremely ill for a week. Haven't much felt like smiling.)


(patpats Kai) Sorry... maybe this video will cheer you up?


Kai Lowell

God damn it, TT. :D

*pelts with peanuts*


(giggles happily and parries peanuts)

On the other hand, this one (which really, honestly is different; it's Pinkie Pie singing "Smile Smile Smile") cheers me up... it's literally saved my life several times, and others quite a few... ("He seemed so quiet...")

Kai Lowell

I'll have a look at it ASAP - spending a lot of time with ze parents these days, getting so ill you crash hard enough for 911 to be called kind of puts the fear of FSM into you...

Kai Lowell

D'aw, that was adorable. Thanks TT, I needed that. :D


I have no idea what it is about MLP but the music is always awesome.


Indeed. And I generally skip past songs in shows. Pinkie has, more times than I'd care to count, prevented me losing the second word in the phrase 'suicidally depressed'.

Kai Lowell

*scritches behind TT's ears*

Can't say I personally have much interest in MLP but hey, whatever helps.


Heh. Didn't mean to make it about me. Have some popcorn kittens.

Kai Lowell

Pfff, you're fine. If we can't whinge at one another, who can we whinge at? :D

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