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From u/literallyjustsears, Tales From Retail:

This situation revolves around an older woman, her 30s-ish daughter, and the daugher’s toddler (who was raising cane the entire time that I was with these people). Bear in mind that I normally don’t work in the tools department; I just happened to be called over there to assist. The mother only had clothes, which is my forte, so I had no issues with her transaction; the daughter was the kicker. She was a couponer and a complainer all wrapped into one!

Okay, so at the time of this incident, the local newspaper had announced that my store was closing, but liquidation sales had not started yet. Furthermore, our air conditioning wasn’t working. As you can imagine, she had PLENTY to say on both subjects. And then came the coupons... The offer then for tools was spend $75, get $25 back in in-store credit.

However, since I normally work in CLOTHES, I wasn’t familiar with this offer. The daughter kept talking to her mother about this offer, acting as if I wasn’t even there. I specifically remember, “Look, he’s not even going to EXPLAIN it, since he DOESN’T WANT ME to get the deal.”

At this point, I began to explain the offer, while she interrupted me over and over. And then she sees the military discount sign... Crap. She asks her MOM to pull out her military ID (which I technically DIDN’T HAVE TO HONOR), and we immediately have problems.

The discount is significantly less for sale priced items (understandably so), and since a few of her items were on sale, I was only able to give her the lesser discount.

She threw a FIT. Then, I tried to reason with her: I can separate it into two transactions and give you the bigger discount on the regular price items, but it has to be on a separate receipt. Sadly, that was not good enough for her because “then I’d lose out on my POINTS!”

She continues griping about one thing after another, all of which being things that are out of my control, and I eventually just said, “Ma’am, can you please stop being rude to me?”

TO WHICH SHE RESPONDED, “You work in retail, sometimes you have to deal with difficult customers.”

That did it; I exploded.

“Can you stop being an ass?”

Right after I said it, I knew that I had messed up, and I froze.

Y’all are never gonna believe her response.

“Well, I have NEVER had anyone be rude back to me before.”

She didn’t talk to my manager though lol.








After the customer said a "Well" I thought this would happen.
I had teachers "What are you working on?"
Student "Well" interrupted by teacher "A well is a deep subject."
It was their outlet for frustration.


Raising Cain. Not cane.


In regards to this customer, there is a 1st time for everything!

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