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From u/Twizzler26 Tales From Retail:

So this happened a long time ago in my old job at a high street jewelers in the UK but I think about the interaction a lot so wanted to share! I was working on the shop floor and an elderly gentleman and his daughter came in and started looking at the bracelets and bangles. To give some perspective this isn’t a prestige jewelers; unless something had a diamond in it, the most you could look to spend was £300-£400.

After giving them a few minutes to look I went over and asked if they need any help. The gentleman said he was looking for a bangle for his wife for their anniversary but he wasn’t sure what to go for. I brought them over to the table and chairs and let him have a sit while I took ten or so bangles and bracelets out of the display for him to have a look at. I brought them over and explained the difference between the metals, the clasps etc, let him hold them, try them on his daughter to see how they looked on the wrist. That sort of thing. I probably spent about 40 minutes with them helping them choose something.

He landed on something he liked and left happy with a new bangle for his wife. Such a nice man and it was a pleasure to see him off with something he liked.

Skip to the following Saturday and I was on the shop floor again. A lady comes in looking around for something so I head over and ask if she needs anything. She clocks my name badge and says “ahh, are you chap that helped my husband pick out this bangle?” It was the wife of the gentleman I helped and she had come into town to find me specially to say thank you for “spending so much time with him to pick out such a lovely present” and how much she loved it. Apparently it had meant so much to the old timer he told her all about the experience in store. He had no idea really what he was looking for and I was just pleased to help guide him through the minefield that can be women’s jewelry!

I’d never had such warm fuzzies working in that shop and still I think about it a lot!







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