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From u/gwiazdala, Tales From Retail:

I’ve worked for a cellular network as a sales rep for almost a year. Once a week our customers have access to freebies and coupons via an app they download on their phone. Recently we gave out free sunglasses that came in either black or pink. They were all in black pouches and you couldn’t see the color until you opened them, it was meant to be random.

Five minutes into my shift and my coworker warns me that these sunglasses have been bringing out the worst in people and everyone is getting prissy over the colors. As she’s saying this, a large man comes through the door all upset because he’d stopped by earlier for his sunglasses and the ones we gave him are pink. We typically keep our inventory for these giveaways in our drawers so they’re easy to hand out, and it’s first come first serve. The conversation goes like this:

Glasses man: You don’t got any black ones? Pink is not my color. Just look at me, do I look like I wear pink?

Me: Let me see if we have any black ones left.

I rummage through the drawers and find at least 7, open the pouches, they’re all pink.

Me: I’m just seeing the pink ones in here so far.

Glasses man: You know you could check the back room right? Or are you just feeling lazy today?

Me: I wouldn’t know if we have more because I just got here, but I’ll be sure to go look for you.

Glasses man: I would very much appreciate that. And do you know who else would appreciate that? [Names CEO]

Me: Right.

Glasses man: (looking smug) That’s your CEO by the way.

Me: I know who that is, sir. I’ll be right back.

So yeah, I go to the back, we have a huge box of the sunglasses and I’m digging through them, opening each individual pouch and they’re all pink because people have been asking for black ones all day, supposedly. I have half a mind to just tell him sorry, no black, but I don’t want to deal with a potential tantrum. I keep looking and I find one pair left at the very bottom. I bring them out, and he thanks me with this really mean smile before leaving.

Should’ve just stuck with the pink ones if he was gonna act like a little girl.










Working for the Big Red Z phone co, when someone couldn't remember the answer to their security question or any of the other security information for me to reset their password, "I'll call your director!"
"Ok. You want their number?"
(deflating balloon noise)

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