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From u/desertsilver52 Tales From Retail:

I work at an arts and crafts store that closes at 8:00 PM and this event in particular happened a few weeks ago just after closing one night. Now on this night I had started out by stocking some seasonal merchandise along with a co-worker of mine. As we were working, this customer kept walking up and down the aisle, rubbing his belly and looking at us suspiciously. I said to my co-workers, "that guy looks suspicious". I didn't see him after a while and forgot all about it.

Fast forward to 8 o'clock when we're closing. I was working the doors (aka, opening them for customers who were checking out when we closed) and I can't leave the doorway until the last customer has left the building. Well, it was maybe 8:15, a good ten minutes later than normal for the last customer to be leaving, and my coworker who runs the framing department told me that there was still someone in the men's restroom. This is highly unusual - there's never anybody in the restrooms when we close, typically.

So I grabbed my manager, who also happens to be a local EMT, and we walked to the restrooms together to see what was up.

M = my manager, G = gall bladder guy

M = opens men's room door "Hey man you alright?"

There's sniffling from inside one of the stalls.

G = clearly startled "oh, uh, yeah just finishing up"

A minute later he comes out and says:

G = "Hey sorry I just got my gall bladder removed and I had to change the dressing."

M = "Oh I understand, I'm an EMT."

G = "Ok well sorry to keep you, have a good night."

walks out of the store, while all my co-workers stare at him

I mean, who decides that the bathroom of a crafts store is the best place to change your gall bladder dressing? Why not do that crap at home? Afterwards some of my co-workers said he made the gall bladder story up and he was really just doing drugs. Either way, it has to be one of the strangest things that's happened to me in retail.







Not to jump the gun or anything, but I know for a fact the line about changing his bandages was most likely false. From what I recall when I had my gallbladder taken out you were not supposed to not even touch the bandages due to risk of infection, or the wound healing improperly. You were supposed to wait for the adhesive to wear off, and let the bandages fall off naturally.

Misty Meanor

Whatever he was doing, just be glad he wasn't there long!

Tech Support Survivor

*scratches head* I remember being told not to touch mine if at all possible. Granted my bandages were covering staples, and those needed to be kept dry for like a week. I sense shenanigans. And not the good kind.

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