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From u/TheWagonBaron Tales From Retail:

When I was younger, I worked at a video game shop in a small strip mall anchored by a large pharmacy and a supermarket. We were a small store. I was a key holder in the store. My story here takes place on New Year's Day about 15 or so years ago.

I was 'working' that day with my Assistant Manager. Being that it was New Year's Day, we were both extremely hung-over. In fact, we both ended up falling asleep/passing out at different times during the day. My story involves a phone call. We had a mini-script to work from that generally went something like this;

'Hello thank you for calling video game store where we buy and sell used video games, how may I help you today?'

Every time you answered the phone, you were expected to do this. No big deal.

Anyways, back to New Year's Day. The phone rings. I look around and notice it's the ASM's turn to be passed out so I pick up the phone and go through the little speech. The response?

'Are you guys open today?'

I replied, 'No,' and immediately hung up the phone.

We didn't see a single customer that day.










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