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From The Key Oracle:

   I ran a key shop at a major department store and had run out of change so I bopped across the street to the office to get some. Unfortunately the only person in the office was in the middle of a personal phone call and refused to acknowledge my existence standing in front of her holding my fund bag. Please note that the key shop only ever had one person in at any time meaning that it was empty since I was in the cash office.

   After standing in front of her for quite a while I realized that she was not going to end her call for a lowly key shop person so I decided to take action. I reached into my pocket and took out my silent cell phone and started talking to no one loud enough to make sure the clerk could hear me…

“Hi, what?” (Pause)

“Yeah I am over here in the office getting change.” (Pause)

“Of course I know that a customer is waiting for it.” (Pause)

“I don’t know, it is going to take as long as it takes.” (Pause)

“Just tell her she is going to have to wait until I get back.” (Pause)

“She is talking on the phone to some friend I guess. We will all have to wait until she is done.”

I then put my silent phone back into my pocket.

The office clerk then says I into her phone, “OMG, I gotta go.”, and hangs up. She grabs my fund bag and as she sprints into the cash office she says, “Why didn’t you tell me you had a customer waiting for change?”

I reply, “Well I did not want to be rude and interrupt your call.”

She returns my bag to me and on the way back I leisurely get an ice cream bar from the vending machine before I return to my empty shop, so a good trip.

-- The Key Oracle





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