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From u/KiraRiver Tales From Retail:

I work a a fairly large chain bookstore, most often in the kids section and a good part of my job is recommending books. I've had a few heartwarming experiences but this is probably my favourite. One day a few weeks before last Christmas an older woman came in with her grandson who looked around 10.. The woman was quite polite but the boy looked like he would rather be anywhere else.

The grandmother motioned me to the side and quietly told me that her grandson struggled with reading, and she was hoping I knew of some books that might be easier to read but not to juvenile. I asked her a few questions about his reading, interests, and if she was opposed to certain content, the basic questions for recommending kids books, and then got the okay to go talk to him.

Grandmother had mentioned that he like minecraft so I introduce myself and ask him a couple questions about his adventures in the game. He opens up a bit, starts talking and stops glaring at me so I count it as a win. I ask if he'd be interested in reading a minecraft book, kid starts glaring again and quietly says he's not good enough at reading for that. I assure him that I've got minecraft books that he can read and are for kids his age, and lead him over to the kids comics section. I pulled off a few minecraft graphic novels and a few others that I thought he would like and handed them over. Kid's face lit up like a christmas tree when he started reading and realized that while they weren't easy to read they were no where near as difficult as chapter books would be for him.

Grandmother is trying and failing not to stare as she watches her grandson read happily. I go over and explain that comics will have the shorter sentences and context clues he needs right now without being childish. I also recommend a few series like Captain Underpants that are between a comic and classic book. I was told by the cashier that the boy read all the way out the store and the grandmother was super grateful and wrote a glowing review of our store. The kid still comes in from time to time and is now reading full chapter books and it always makes me smile when I see him.






You should smile, you influenced a life in a positive direction.

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