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From u/Morktorknak Tales From Retail:

So I work in cell phone sales and we always get just the best most lovely and forward thinking customers every day /s

This particular gentleman came in to ask a few questions about his account as he seems to have his service interrupted so I assumed it was going to be something simple.

C: My number is 123-456-7890

Me: Alright let me just pull up your account... hmm it's not showing up is that the correct number?

C: Yes of course

Me: Can I see your phone? Maybe with the IMEI

C: Alright no problem

Me: scans phone pulls up account So I see the problem it appears your account was cancelled for some reason? That might be why your service was interrupted

C: Oh I know that, I switch over to another company, I was just wondering why my service isnt active yet

Me: ...uh well you dont have an account with us so I believe you would have to check with the company you switched to

C: Well you guys are the ones who cut my service in the first place!

Me: You cut your own service when you switched companies, your account is now with your new company, theres nothing left for me to do here

C: Oh ok, well I just want a refund on the money I had left in my account.

Me: ...? What? You dont have an account with us anymore, theres nothing to refund

C: Well of course there is! I only used 2 weeks of service, so whatever is left in my account I want refunded.

Me: Sir... theres nothing left in your account. Since this is a prepaid company you always pay before you use the service, and the total amount you paid is used immediately to provide service for that month.

C: Well since I only used 2 weeks of service I should still have some sort of credit left in my account, and that's just all I want, MY money that I paid into this account, and I want it back.

Me: Sir that's not how the accounts work, once the money is in there it's used up, even the regular refunds must be within 48 hours, but even then you dont have an account with us anymore so theres nothing I can do.

C: Well who CAN do something about it??

Me: Well like I said since you dont have an account with us theres nothing left to refund. Once YOU chose to switch to a competitor, your account is cancelled as your number is with another carrier.

C: I understand that I just want a refund on what's left in my account!

Me: Sir you dont have an account with us anymore, theres literally nothing I can do.

C: Would the corporate store be able to help? Give me their number!

Me: They're just going to tell you the same thing I did...

C: Well we'll see about that!

And he left in a huff, even after the whole back and forth. I dont understand how he thinks he can get a refund but I just feel sorry for the poor folks at the store that are going to have to explain the same thing I just did to him.







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