Costco Fireworks Assortment Signage Disappoints
Happy 4th of July!

Techtyger Saves the 4th of July



From Techtyger:

Working overnight, July 3 into 4... and right as the clock turns to midnight, the phone rings. It's someone at a temporary fireworks stand with a cellular credit card terminal, testing it for the first time hours before he  opens. 
He got lucky; I was able to get it working, it was just a boogered setting. Most commonly with these cellular terminals (A credit card terminal that communicates over CDMA, not one of the 'plug this into your phone to read cards' type thing) the account wasn't turned on on the cell service, and nobody who can do that is available on holidays or weekends... 
It's not like the holiday sneaks up on you, it's right there in the yiffin' name. "The FOURTH of JULY". If I knew I had one day to make my store's entire profit for the year, I'd make damn sure that terminal worked WEEKS ago...













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