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CoffeeFrom srbumblebeeman, TalesFromRetail

So this is not about my store, but the one next to us. I used to manage a small electronics store in a small town. Right next to us was a coffee shop that everyone in town goes to. If there were cars in the parking lot, it was for the coffee shop. It was always very busy. They also closed on select days, including Easter. We however, were open on Easter (don't ask).

EVERY year this would go down 5 times per day. Patron drives in the parking lot, and sees there are no cars (except mine). Patron parks and walks up to the coffee shop. The lights are off. There is a big sign on the door "CLOSED FOR EASTER."

Would they turn away and go home? No. So let's pull on the door handle. The left one is stuck. Better try the right one. Hmmm, both seem to be wedged closed or something. Let me put my hands up to the door and peer inside, just to make sure. Damn. It's empty. The lights are off. I wonder why? Ok, we're not licked yet. Let me ask the nice man in the store next to it.

Patron: "Are they open over there?"

Me: "Hmm, I'm not sure. Is there a sign on the door that says they are closed?"

But the best part in all of this is that Patron #1 will walk up, yank the door, and be denied. Patron #2 has pulled up in the parking lot by now and just watched the whole thing happen.

Is that going to deter Patron #2? Not on your life, it must be different for them.




Burly Goontar

Many men pulled on Excalibur, and could not pull it out, but it came easily for the chosen one. We all hope we are the chosen one.


I still think the time my husband and I decided to visit a restaurant for dinner, that happened to be closed that night was one of the best examples of the irrationality of some people. We get there a moment before another woman, and see the sign on the door, explaining that they were clised for new rwcipe training. We shrug, and start deciding where to go instead. The other woman first doesn't believe us, and tries the door. Then she reads the sign. Then asks my husband "Are they closed?"
And she goes straight from confused to angry, and statrs yelling at my husband, "But we are supposed to eat there! What am I supposed to do?"
I told her to find another place to eat,like we were,and she started puffing up again.
"Well it looks like every industry gets stuck with corporate traing days, doesn't it?" And walked away to the burger place a few doors down.
When I looked back, she was just barely deciding to move on with her life and walk away.


I've gone up to a place and seen they were closed, Stopped and turned around, started to walk away, told someone else walking up "They're closed." "Ok, thanks." (three more steps) (rattle rattle) "HEY! ARE YOU CLOSED?!"

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