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Discount Rat: I Can Read! (When It Suits Me)


Discountrat1From u/undeadRobbyTalesFromRetail

Context, I work in a fabric and crafts chain that sells seasonal decor. Our Christmas decor is on clearance, currently at up to 85% off. Stuff like storage bins and candy are always lower, because they're still useful, holiday decorations or no.

A lady comes to my register with a pair of fabric storage bins, and is annoyed to see they're coming up at 60% off, and not 85%.

Lady: These are supposed to be 85% off.

Me: I'm sorry, the storage bins are only meant to be 60% off right now.

Lady: Well where I found them the sign said 85.

At this point I ask a coworker for confirmation, and she brings up a sign that reads "Holiday Plastic Storage 60% off". Of course the customer isn't happy with that.

Lady: That says plastic storage, these are fabric, I can read.

Not a minute later, after I begrudgingly adjust the price to 85% off per my manager's decision, she tries to hand me a 20% off your total purchase coupon, that doesn't start for 2 days.

Sure you can read. Just only when it benefits you.

And no, I absolutely did not honor the coupon.




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