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From u/reddeadtabbart Tales From Retail:

So, yesterday sucked. Majorly. I woke up with a migraine but forced myself to go to work because I need money for my wedding. My coworker left at 6, since he didn’t want to be in on his day off, leaving me to do all the closing. It was busy all damn day, and when it was finally time to close I started packaging up my hotcase. I’m about halfway done when this gentleman approaches me. I’m dead tired and my brain is trying to explode, but I put on a big smile.

M(e): Hello there sir! How can I help you today?

G(ent): I was wondering if you knew where the three bean salad is.

M: well, if it’s not across the way it may be in our case next to Chinese. Let’s go check.

I lead him there and lo and behold it’s not there.

M: Apparently it’s not here but I know that salad bar sometimes has it if you want me to check.

G: That’d be great.

So I go to the back and check. No three bean, but I do have four bean with very similar ingredients. I take it out.

M: I found this. It’s not three bean but it’s pretty similar. Would you like some?

G: Yes. A pint please.

I take him back to kitchen to weigh up a pint and hand it over.

M: have a great day sir!

G: you too.

As I put it in his hand he slips something in mine and vanishes. I look down and he’s given me a fifty dollar tip. I cry a bit to our dishwasher and give ten to the salad bar guy for helping me.

To whomever you are, thank you. Fifty might not be much, but to a girl who’s struggling to pay for her wedding it means the world.

Tl;dr- Man wants three bean. I find four bean and get him some. He gives me 50 dollars. Good man








Double U Gal

That's an awesome story. I had something similar happen once, and it's truly something you never forget. Good people, generous people, it's nice to hear.

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