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From  u/HausDeKittehs Tales From Retail:

So I am a manager at a retail chain that sells clothes, accessories, shoes, and stuff for the home at discount prices. The supervisor at the register called me over to help decline a return. Now usually I will make exceptions to the return policy, even if I have to mark something out of stock. My company makes millions, and it isn't worth losing a customer over 20 bucks.

However, this lady was trying to return a 100.00 bag with a 3-month-old receipt from another location. The bag had food stains and was all banged up. It had a mirror inside that had fallen off, but could easily be reattached.

I let the customer know that I couldn't accept the return at my store, but she could try at the store in was purchased in. Oh, my God. She turned from a nice middle-aged lady to a toddler.

"No, you are going to take it back. I bought it from your company and it is returnable here. I don't need to be inconvenienced. It isn't my fault!(referring to the mirror)."

Me: I'm very sorry about the inconvenience. I can't take back a used item in this condition with no tag attached. My other option is to provide you with the customer service number.

Her: Is there someone else I can speak with?

Me: No, I am the manager here.

Her: Is there a different manager?

Me: No, I am the only manager here.

Her: well, then you are the one who can make an exception! Managers can make exceptions!

Me: I'm sorry, I can't do that. Would you like the customer service number?

Her: I'm not leaving without my store credit? Why don't you just let me return it for a store credit and I will use it to buy something else?

Me: Mam, I can't take that return back here.

Her: It doesn't say that anywhere! Show me where it says that!

Me: points to receipt "30 days and restrictions may apply"

Her: I know you could make the exception. You're just being mean!!! (omg I started to feel guilty) I want your name! I am going to call and complain about you!

I wrote my name and the customer service number and told her I am sorry for the inconvenience again.

I was actually feeling bad at the end. I really am a nice person and I love to make people happy, but come on.

You can't just buy a summer bag, use it to death for the season, then exchange it for a new one once you're done with it.

Make me feel not guilty fellow retail people!









I wouldn't feel a bit guilty if I were you. You did the right thing, and more importantly, you taught that customer a valuable lesson: your store will not automatically take back used and damaged items that were purchased well over the 30 day window. I wish more managers would be like you.

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